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We will provide the best transport services at Saint Barth. Don't waste your time and just relax.

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Our Services

Our Services

Island tour to discover St Barth
Island Tour

You want to discover Saint Barth ? Our private drivers and chauffeurs know every part of island and will make you discover all the place to see. They speak several languages and will talk you about the history.

Private drivers for you and family
Private Driver

You need private drivers, a dedicated chauffeurs for you, your friend and your family ? St Barth Sensation can provide you the most professional drivers. You can book the perfect transport service for just few hours or even by days.

Service for Travel Agency

You are a travel agency and you need to handle transportation of group of people at St Barts. We can help you to manage all the transfer service with our chauffeurs. We can help you and save your time.

New year at st barth
New year

The New Year is the most famous event of the island but it can be also a nightmare in term of transportation. Don't be affraid, we have the solution. Our private drivers can be dedicated to you for an amazing night.

What we offer

Our fleet

Vito Mercedes-Benz 8 PAX
Sprinter Mercedes 12 PAX
Hiace Toyota 12 PAX
APV Suzuki 7 PAX
Caravelle Volkswagen 8 PAX
Crystal Hyundai 8 PAX
N-BOX Honda 8 PAX
Work flow

How it works

Choose your ride

The first thing to do is to decide what you want to do. It could be an island tour, transfer to the airport, port, villa, hotel, dedicated chauffeurs or whatever you need.

Select Term

We will need to know what service you are searching for. You can book for an hour or for days. We can adapt our service to your need.

Choose A Car

Tell us what is the best vehicle for you and we will make your experience the best possible.

Enjoy The Ride

You are ready to enjoy your vacation at St Barth. Just relax and let us and our chauffeurs manage all the transport logistic


They talk about us

Our offer

Why you should choose our company

Our company offer you the greatest service of transportation at St Barts for your trips, excursions, transit, visits and tourist circuits. Our chauffeur come to your hotel, your villa, at the airport or at the port and will be able bring you anywhere.

Be free: move where you want

You can book our service for an hour or during several days in function of your needs. You want to move around, visit the island, make some shopping at Gustavia, you want to be free to go to the beach or anywhere you want... You can take a taxi to visit the island or our private drivers are here in order to make your vacation the most incomparable life experience ever.

Be serene: we are waiting

Settle comfortably, enjoy the panoramic of this beautiful island, let you be charmed by this lost paradise of the Caribbean. Day and night, we can transport you at the restaurant, at the nightclub and wait until you finish.

Be secure: we care about you

Your security is really important for us and our chauffeurs. Roads at St Barts can be impressive and dangerous. Our private drivers are professionals, they know every road of the island and are really careful. You can be serene.

Be numerous: we know how to manage big group

We have the experience of big group because we worked with lot of them. Our fleet and our drivers are here to solve your transportation problem.

Be happy: have wonderful vacation

Finally, we want you to have the best experience and our team is here to simplify your stay at St Barts.

Private drivers and Chauffeurs at St Barts

Let's work together

Travel agency and luxury concierge services

We know that Saint Barth's tourist clientele are one of the most exacting of the word. Client expecting the best service for the best experience. St Barth Sensation is proud to provide a quality service and want to help you to manage the transportation of your client in the island.

Our fleet of vehicules and our competent private drivers guarantee you an optimal service. Our chauffeurs know every part of St Barts and will make discover the island to your clients like nobody couldn't.

If you are a travel agency or a luxury concierge service, do not hesitate to contact us in order to work together. Our mission is to provide the best service to your client.

About us

Our job is to make your vacation at St Barth better

Founded in 2013 at Saint Barthélemy in the French West Indies, we are proud to offer to our client the best transportation service of the island.

Our company provide a service of exelence and we improve our process continously in order to help our client. We are aware of the transportation issue that can append with other companies. We work really hard to make your vacation more easiear by providing you the best private drivers and the best vehicules.

Your safety and confort are our priority and for our chauffeurs too. We want to make your transportation easy and restful so that you do not worry about anything. Forget the stress and just enjoy your trip.

Founder of St Barth Sensation


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