Why travel agencies should work with private drivers

July. 24, 2019

Travel agencies need greet subcontractors to be able to provide the best service to their clients. In world where it's a necessity to have a good reputation, travel agencies need to work with the best company in order to deliver best service.

St Barth Sensation is totally aware of the necessity of giving the best services to your clients. We will make sure that your clients will be totally happy of our transportation service. St Barth Sensation is proud to deliver the best services since 2013. If you are asking why you should choose our company, there is few keys points :

Our drivers know St Barth like no one else

Most of our drivers are from the island and know the history of St Barth. They know what to show to clients and will be happy to share their knowledge. Our team will ensure to show the best point of view of the island and alway try to make the best experience for the client. We know that our jobs is more than transport we are here to make client discover our culture.

Security is for us a mission

The security of our clients is the most important thing for us. Our team of driver are very aware of the importance of a good driving and the respect of the security. The roads in St Barth are sometime complicated and could make the client insecure. Our mission is that your client, our client, feel safe and do not have any stress during their vacation.

We have experience

We managed a lot of transfers since 2013 and we have the experience needed to handle the issues that can occurs. Our team is very responsive and we know the best strategy to make the transfert of your client a success. We own a fantastic fleet of vehicle and we work with the best drivers of the island since lot of years.

Finally, we really hope to have the opportunity to work with your travel agency. We are ready to build a great relation and partnership with your business.

Hope you like this article, if you want to help us, please share it. We hope you the best vacation in our island !

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