5 Best places to see at St Barts

April. 12, 2018

You are arrived and settled in your beautiful hotel or in your gorgeous villa. Everything is perfect, the sky is blue, the sun is magnificent and the sea incredible. Now, it's time to decide what to do and what to see. Do not panic, St Barth Sensation, have listed in this article some great place to see. There is not a list about restaurant or bar or any business, we focused on the good spots to see in the Island to make you discover Saint Barth.

Fort Gustaf

It was the most important fort of Gustavia during the Swedish period. Only vestiges remain, but you could see some cannon and the current weather station. The good news is that place give one of the best view of Gustavia (great for you intagram feed) and you can access the lighthouse by simply walking two minutes.

Fort Gustaf at Saint Barth

The Colombier beach and point of view

You want some adventure, a beautiful dream beach only accessible by walking (or by boat) ? We totally understand that and we present you the Colombier beach. To access to this beach you need to go at Flamand (there is a beautiful beach here too) and continue until the road end. You will arrive to a dirt road and then you must park (our private drivers can drop you here). Here you can start a beautiful walk thought the mountain and see the cliff and the sea in the other side. Finally, will arrive to a beautiful beach where you just need to relax. After that you can continue the walk to the Colombier spot where you will have one of the most outstanding view of Saint-Barth.

Colombier spot at Saint Barth

The neighborhood of Corossol

Maybe, you are now searching for something more typical ? You should then probably go to the neighborhood of Corossol. It's a typical fishing village, with traditional St Barth house. It's quiet and beautiful, do not hesitate.

Note: If you are searching for a typical bar in the island you should take a look La Pigeonnière at Colombier, a place full of history.

Corossol neighborhood at Saint Barth

Shell beach at Gustavia

You are searching for a beautiful beach where to relax ? Shell Beach is special, there is no sand here , there is only shell. This a gorgeous beach and the bonus is that you can take a cocktail or even eat on the restaurant just in the front of the ocean.

Schell Beach at Saint Barth

Nature and quietness at Grand Fond

One of our favorite spot is definitely Grand Fond. It seem to be cut of the world, this is quiet and wild. You can walk on the beach, there is nobody. You and the sound of the sea, that all. Do not hesitate to ask to our private drivers to go there.

Schell Beach at Saint Barth

Hope you like this article, if you want to help us, please share it. We hope you the best vacation in our island !

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